SpaJelita body therapies promise to lull you seductively into pure luxurious relaxation while healing the body, mind and Soul. Indulge in a series of customized treatments accompanied by Mediterranean Rhythm as you experience ultimate Arabic Bliss.

Aromasoul Therapies

Treat your body to the deeply reenergizing power of massage using a Jelitasoul essential oil blend.
At SpaJelita, each therapy is an intricate blend of soothing aromatherapy massage techniques with stimulating deep tissue massage.

Full Body Massage 60 mins
1st Trial: $88
Hammam Ritual and Body Massage (Steam + Sauna) 90 mins
1st Trial: $100
U.P.: $180

Arabian Spa Retreat

Indulge in a deeply invigorating power of exfoliation of your choice, then enriched with a soothing massage.

Breathe in the distinctive aromas of this therapeutic treatment as essential oils soak into your skin. Feel the difference as your body, mind and soul is reenergized.

Hamam Ritual. Full Body Massage. Body Glow. 120 mins
1st Trial: $130
U.P. $230

JelitaSoul Ginger Experience

A signature treatment to SpaJelita, this unique therapy uses fresh ginger essence to invigorate tired & aching muscles. Each ritual will be performed with a body glow treatment and a signature massage.

Hamam Ritual. Full Body Massage. Body Glow. Ginger Therapy. 2.5 hrs
1st Trial: $150
U.P. $300

Velvet Night Journey

Ancient infuses with the contemporary in this modern Arabian velvet nights experience. Designed in opulence and sheer luxury, this therapy ensures you can taste, touch and feel the difference.

A wonderful indulgent combination of the Hammam Ritual, exfoliation, soothing massage and the Cleopatra style milkbath leaves you relaxed and revitalised.

Hamam Ritual. Full Body Massage. Body Glow. Cleopatra Milk Royale. 2.5 hrs
1st Trial: $180
U.P. $320

Cleopatra Royal Ritual

This ritual mimics tales of Queen Cleopatra (69-30BC), ruler of ancient Egypt bathing in milk to keep her skin beautifully soft and pure to touch. This ultimate spa indulgence includes all the essentials of body therapies. To begin the ritual, a gentle body glow of your choice awakens the skin. Then, slip into a delectable enriching bath. To finish, you are given an exceptional massage.

Give yourself the royal treatment.

Hamam Ritual. Full Body Massage. Body Glow. Cleopatra Milk Royale. Ganggang. 3 hrs
1st Trial: $210
U.P. $400

Healing Massage

Be lulled into a deep state of relaxation as your reaps the benefit of this specially customized therapy that promises to heal and reenergize.

Healing Massage 75 mins
1st Trial: $130
U.P.: $180


Your 75 mins Healing Therapy may include:

Traditonal Cupping
Promotes blood circulation while soothing aches and pains
Traditional Guasa
For deep relaxation while promoting blood flow
Back Ginger Therapy
Removes unwanted trapped air in the body
Infra-red Heat Therapy
Relieves muscle tension
Therapeutic Massage
Release muscle knots and promotes deep relaxation

Other Body Therapies

Hammam Ritual 30 mins
Body GLow 30 mins
Ginger Back Therapy 20 mins
Ginger Therapy 10 mins
Hydro Therapy 25 mins
Traditional Ganggang 20 mins
Ear Candling 20 mins
Ginger Therapy + Foot Relax 30 mins
Traditional Cupping 30 mins
Guasa 30 mins
Jelitasoul Massage
With steam or sauna
30 + 15 mins
Jelitasoul Massage
With steam or sauna
60 + 15 mins
Jelitasoul Massage 90 + 15 mins
Healing Massage 75 + 15 mins